Day 39 JavaScript Data Structures Completed

Today I finished the basic JavaScript data structure portion in freecodecamp. For my vlog today I read a blog post explaining data structures out loud. Again the reason for this blog and vlog besides documentation is to remember what I am learning.

Yesterday’s blog went over stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs, & hash tables. Today I’ll explain the trade offs.

The trade off for linked lists is that by editing an element, may have to iterate through the whole length of code.

Hash tables are the fastest data structures, however the trade off is the correspondence of keys and values. It sacrifices relationship between data and not the best choice for just storing data.

This is just like the crypto currency space of trading security for speed. Which bitcoin is the most secure but slower than the unsecured alt coins.

Overall my understanding of data structures in a bigger picture sense was met.

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