Day 28 JavaScript Read Through

After finishing JavaScript Basics in freecodecamp, it left me with an uneasy feeling of moving on to the next portion. As I said I used the hint button a lot. With that said, I decided to go back to the Basics…again!

So the first time around before doing freecodecamp courses decided to take notes from w3schools first. However, even with taking notes first and then doing the courses I was still confused. That leads up to this point of going back to the basics yet again. But this time just gonna be reading all the fundamentals again off of

This time around just reading it without writing notes I feel different things will click. So far the experiment is working, I am learning things better and honestly the website is just better information than w3schools.

An explanation that stuck out to me was the explanation given to compare strings.

The algorithm to compare two strings is simple:

  1. Compare first characters of both strings.
  2. If the first one is greater(or less), then the first string is greater(or less) than the second. We’re done.
  3. Otherwise if first characters are equal, compare the second characters the same way.
  4. Repeat until the end of any string.
  5. If both strings ended simultaneously, then they are equal. Otherwise the longer string is greater.

This explanation gave me an abstraction in my head of slot machine spinning next to each other.

Reading is pretty much the plan for repetition to set in. At least before doing JavaScript projects via YouTube videos.

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