Day 24 New Years Coding Resolution

Another year has come and gone. The first year being in crypto and making a blog. A pivotal year that inspired me to code. I’ve made many new friends that have been made from online communities. Mainly regarding friends from, who I ended up meeting most of them this year at a meetup.

So now is the time where people make New Year’s resolutions. 2018 was a crazy year that went by quick.

Today is day 24 on my coding journey, which is also my New Year’s resolutions. Luckily I’ve made a habit of coding by doing it for over 21 days before New Year’s.

I finally finished writing notes from w3schools and back to coding on freecodecamp. Getting back into freecodecamp JavaScript portion after writing notes things make sense now. Just knowing what things are and how to do them like setting variables, strings, objects, etc.

So for everyone out there making New Year’s resolutions, the one thing crypto taught me is to just survive and hodl. Whatever New Year’s resolutions you make for yourself hang on to it and just survive day by day. Don’t let that new habit go.

2019 will be another big year! I haven’t said this yet in my blogs but I am expecting another baby in the coming year. So this coding journey is literally a do or die, for me my future is depending on it and my family’s. The goal is to have a developer job in 2019. Another big year in crypto’s adoption will also occur with crypto exchanges being in the traditional New York stock exchanges and ETFs made. I am very excited about what 2019 has to offer and hope for everyone to crush it!

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