Day 22 JavaScript Keywords This, Let, Const

Another day of writing down notes for hours. I’m actually pretty surprised that I’ve run out of ink for 3 pens so far, and 75% through my notebook.

Writing down notes, then doing the coding portions in freecodecamp is definitely a longer route. However, it feels like information is sticking compared to just writing code, that I don’t really know in freecodecamp and using hints to get by.

The reasonable amount of notes written per day seem to be 2-3 sections in w3schools. This amount of workload takes about 3-4 hours of writing. Which is probably not the normal amount if takes.

Today I learned about JavaScript this, let, and const.

  • The JavaScript this keyword refers to the object it belongs to.
  • Redeclaring a variable using the var keyword can impose problems. Redeclaring a variable inside a block will also redeclare the variable outside the block. Redeclaring a variable using the let keyword can solve this problem.
  • Const does NOT define a constant value. It defines a constant reference to a value.

I can feel the days getting closer to getting back to coding in freecodecamp!

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