Day 21 JavaScript Strict Mode (Coding Officially Becomes A Habit)!

Today marks the day, of what psychologists say is the amount of time it takes to form a new habit. It’s official, coding is now a habit! Another big psychological milestone to be accomplished. Now it’s time to code for 6 weeks where most people fall off.

Along with coding, came blogging and vlogging as habits as well. Being apart of the cryptocurrency revolution, to me means to decentralize other things as well. As I’ve stated in my introduction video committing to learning how to code, that I believed that video is the future. Personality-driven communities will undoubtedly keep expanding as time goes on. Moving away from the central Television “programming” talking heads.

Another thing that video will eventually integrate with will be the emergent technologies of virtual reality and the internet of things advancements. Personalities are sometimes better expressed in written form via blogging. Every habit I’ve been wanting to create plays a role in what I believe to push the future of decentralization.

Apart from forming habits, seeing blogs and vlogs pile up, and physically see myself build a rally of consistency is rewarding for my psyche.

I should be on course to be finished with JavaScript courses within a month. However, I am still far away from being a good developer, with a lot more languages to learn. I am a bit overwhelmed with future content up ahead, with the more complicated programming languages. I often question myself if I am learning fast enough. Still very much an amateur.

On to what I learned today. Today’s two topics were strict mode and hoisting. These were two great follow up topics after learning about errors yesterday. These are two things that help prevent errors from occurring in the first place. Hoisting automatically makes values with declarations go to the top by default in JavaScript. However, with strict mode enabled it doesn’t allow you to use undeclared objects anyways. Because, of this all commands will have to have declarations. By having every variable declared it leaves less room for error.

Again I want to thank everyone following my journey so far it means a lot, will keep posting updates of my long journey.

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