Day 19 JavaScript Christmas Bitwise & RegExp

Today is Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you reading this, to you and your families. It was a good day even though did all of the Christmas festivities yesterday and even though I had work today. Work wasn’t a busy day at all and was able to get my notes done while there.

Today main topics were Bitwise and regular expressions. These were two topics that were fun to learn about. They were topics that rewarded knowing foundation of JavaScript.

Bitwise went into how binary digits were read depending on what operator you used. Even more than that it was connecting the dots for the crash course series I watched on youtube about computer science. How CPUs started up and looked for things using binary addresses to know what to look for and know when to execute the next command. This was exciting to see how JavaScript used its logical programming language. Boolean math, binary digits, numbers, and computer science come together.

Regular expressions also played a satisfying role in learning JavaScript basics as well. It is a sequence of characters that form search patterns, that allows you to search for data. Knowing data types of strings and objects show the importance it plays in regular expressions.

That was the update on the Road To Code. Merry Christmas to all and thank you following my journey so far!

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