Day 18 Christmas Eve & JavaScript Break

Today was a hectic day! Started off with having to pick up catering from Wegmans, which was my first time going there. I must say it’s really nice. It’s like a Super Whole Foods! Reminds me of Whole Foods and the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia. The whole store is practically organic as well. That was fun to go to for the first time.

The trip, however, wasn’t just a simple pick up, we ended up grocery shopping as well which took much longer than needed due to the last minute Christmas dinners? Waiting to pick up the catering was as packed as waiting in the ER room. Not only that grocery shopping with congested aisles with wild pedestrians at every corner in plain sight.

After grocery shopping had Grandmas birthday party/ Christmas party going on. My family also has this tradition to open gifts at midnight on Christmas Eve. So here we are at 3 am in the morning of Christmas writing this blog and uploading my vlog.

During the party and after opening gifts I was able to read some w3schools JavaScript. Not to much was covered today though at least no new topics

The topics covered today were JavaScript break and JavaScript type conversions. A break was gone into more detail than yesterday and so was a continue statement. Continue statements are able to skip over a certain loop when a condition is met.

JavaScript conversion types went over everything we learned about in JavaScript. It covered the 5 data types (string, number, Boolean, object, function). The 3 types of objects (object, date, array). Also the 2 data types with no value (null and undefined). The main take away from the topic was converting things like strings to numbers and vice versa, which were covered in their own sections.

That sums up the knowledge I learned today about coding. I hope everyone has a great Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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