Day 16 JavaScript All Caught Up

Alright today finally caught up with writing notes. Left off at JavaScript Switch section in w3schools.

Only took a dedicated 4 hours of writing. Since it’s the holiday season, it was a little bit busy at work last night overnight. So couldn’t slack off doing my work for the future as much.

As I said yesterday I definitely underestimated the amount of time it takes to take down notes. Maybe I could be doing it a better faster way. A new note-taking system? Either way I am appreciating the dedication it takes to truly learn it.

I will admit it hasn’t been as fun this week just taking notes, compared to doing the exercises on freecodecamp. I am not getting bored of the knowledge and coding. Just being impatient with wanting to code again on the computer. In the long run I think that just taking notes itching to code is a good thing for my curiosity and interest.

The circumstance reminds me of classic martial arts apprentice movies and anime’s. Where the student wants to start to learn the high level flashy kicks and punches right away. Instead, gets put to work with tedious cleaning tasks. Enjoying the journey 1 day at a time.

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