Day 14 Mid JavaScript Review

Finally 2 weeks into the #100daysofcode challenge. Today was tough a one. I wasn’t able to accomplish too much today. Only been reviewing what I have been learning so far about JavaScript in my notes.

I think drinking from a fire hose phase has gone away. Honestly taking notes about everything in the w3schools is hard to sustain. Its hours and hours of physically writing down notes. A lot more time is involved compared to just taking the freecodecamp courses. I’m not sure if this is a sustainable model of learning. Or am I just rushing things to get done? That’s the battle I am having with myself right now.

A part of me is saying most of coding work is done through copy and pasting codes you need on the internet anyways why go through this pain staking note taking route. Another part of me wants to be ridiculously thorough in learning coding topics.

A lot has already been covered so far about learning JavaScript so it was worth looking back and reviewing what I have been writing. At the same time just feel like I’m not progressing fast enough. I’ll see this experiment through with writing notes down first though. See how I retain information in the end of JavaScript course when I finish back up on freecodecamp. That was is for today just reviewing notes for the week and a bit of wallowing in self doubt.

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