Day 12 JavaScript Data Types

Day 2 of the note-taking experiment with JavaScript! So today’s main topic was the data types in JavaScript. The main data types are numbers, strings, and objects within the code.

I learned about how JavaScript reads the code. It reads code one statement at a time from the top down, which we learned yesterday. But also we learned that it reads statements from left to right. By that, a piece of information, your code can either be a number then a word, or a word then a number depending on you wrote the code. JavaScript is a very dynamic language. Placing things in various locations can change it up completely. The order in which it is placed can make its value undefined or null. All depending on how you place your code.

Numbers in JavaScript data are literally numbers that are whole number or decimals. A string is text data in the code. An object can be number or text in the code. However, it more is complex by giving properties to the code like a class or id in HTML. Similar to an object is an array it can store multiple values in a single variable.

Today was a lot of note-taking and very fun to learn about how JavaScript works. I am enjoying knowing more about how it works before just typing away code without knowing the backstory of what things mean.

However this method seems to be a lot more tedious and will not be able to move on coding language to another as fast. This is fine though I am learning more and absorbing more from my observation. 

Now the problem is just taking notes is really making me want to code must finish taking notes to go back to freecodecamp courses!!!

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