Day 11 Javascript Basics

Finally the start of learning the 3rd basic foundation coding language, JavaScript! I began with the courses on freecodecamp for Javascript however I started to get lost real fast. 

So began a new experiment! Again as a reminder this is my journey as a self taught coder. So by no means am I saying there is a right or wrong way of doing this. I am able to get through the freecodecamp courses, however I was just getting by it with the hints and not learning it to well. I did not want this to be the case so I started to take notes from w3schools instead. 

The theory of this method is to take good notes in w3schools then go back to freecodecamp courses without being so lost. Honestly my notes from the first week were not that good and that needs to change. I want to have a really good note taking method to really understand things.

I am a firm believer of writing things physically down on paper is a lot better than just typing on the computer. Its like the reading on a tablet or a physical book argument. However writing goes deeper than just touch of paper. To be me writing things down on paper creates more neural pathways for our brains to create habits. Writing things down requires more physical movements compared to typing. In turn more neural pathways are created.

This is whole experience to me is about my learning journey and maximizing it. Vlogging and blogging are also reminders to myself of what I learned by talking and writing about it. 

TDLR day 11 was about preparing the gun powder with notes to take further action.

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