Day 10 First Novice Portfolio

Finally we are in the double digits of the #100DaysOfCode challenge! In todays final assignment in the responsive web design module, was to create a portfolio. Making a portfolio was something that I thought was way too early to be doing.

I understand the importance of having a good portfolio for employers to see. However, I had no quality projects that employers would want to see. This was an assignment I completed without having to much fun with it. Because it’s so early in the game to be making a portfolio, it made me feel very unqualified. Only knowing 2 coding languages and not even that well yet. I know I am still wayto early into my coding journey to be comparing myself to other that know multiple languages. This was a moment of disappointment but also encouragement to see what I have accomplished in 100 days and what I will be able to learn especially when I do this challenge multiple rounds. 

My research into making portfolios the general consensus was quality over quantity. Showcasing multiple ok projects isn’t as good showing a few really good projects. Showcase projects using languages or work you’d like to be hired for. For example, show front end work if you want to do front end work or show javascript projects if you want to be hired for javascript projects. Also, less is more. Make sure that functions in your portfolio website are easy to find for employers get what they need easily.

Aside from today’s project I have reached a crossroads of my coding journey. The crossroads is deciding on which direction to go with what coding languages to learn after JavaScript. Most developer jobs languages of importance seem to be React, Angular, and SQL. However for a block chain developer the common languages are C++, Java (the old school Java), Ruby, Python. 

I will most likely go with doing the freecodingcamp courses first before moving on to C++ and Java and Ruby though. Just conflicted with using my time to be really familiar with the languages I really need to know for my dream job.

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