Day 9 First Technical Documentation Page!

Today’s accomplishment was creating first technical documentation page. What better technical documentation page than the best love story ever written. The bitcoin whitepaper of course! Birthed from the financial crash of 2008 and creating a solution for it to not happen again. More of that in a crypto blog

Last night wasn’t as productive as I wanted it to be. However I did a lot of reviewing watching Traversy Media videos on HTML & CSS. I am treading lightly into jumping into JavaScript to quickly.

It will be the first programming language that I actually get into that verifies if functions are true or false. HTML is more of a layout language and CSS is a styling language. So I expect things to get a lot more technical going into JavaScript and beyond.

I want to be comfortable with HTML & CSS formatting first before moving on to quickly. I am getting more comfortable with both. Knowing the layout segment of HTML first before moving on to styling segment of CSS is something I want to know very well.

The parts I focus on are mainly the elements and different selectors. Even after HTML and CSS portion of the freecodecamp modules I will continue to listen to the YouTube tutorials as a podcast.

The plan is to watch a JavaScript tutorial video on YouTube first before moving on to the actual module portion in freecodecamp. Then listen to it as a podcast repetitively for me to comprehend what is going on to stay sharp. Hopefully this method of learning and experimenting will make me comprehend JavaScript before actually doing the modules class courses.

Tomorrow will be my final night of Responsive Web Deisgn certification which will be building a portfolio. Which is something I really want to be well done with what I have learned so far. It was very encouraging to read an article of blockchain developers being the fastest growing jobs in America today as well. The fastest growing job with an average of 100k per year. That is my goal and dream job to really be in the cryptocurrency space building and also to provide knowledge as well.

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