Day 8 First Landing Page !

Today’s assignment and accomplishment was completing a product landing page. This is something I had fun with and made a landing page for Mysterium.

This was a project with a product idea of a decentralized VPN. They were self funded with an ICO. Initial coin offerring (ICO) is a funding mechanism to bypass all the laws and regulations of a normal fund raising. Because of ICOs unregulated nature, a lot of scams emerged from this phenomenon.

Mysterium launched an ICO in May 2017 and raised over 14 million in capital in 45 minutes. The company didn’t have a working product. Also their roadmap stated there wouldn’t be a product until 3 years later in 2020.

No shade to Mysterium it’s just an inside joke in the crypto community I’m apart of. Actually looked up their github they are still actively making updates.

Now that you know the background story of my landing page, it’s time to explain how I had fun with the project. I made the description boxes say things like fast shipping guaranteed product within 3 years. Another box for good investment the best ERC20 token ! And a final box for decentralized, roboust, self autonomous, self sovereign, unseizable, uncensorable. Just key phrase words for ICOs

There are a lot of scammy types of ICOs however their method of self funding is another advancement for technology. They were able to be funded in a frictionless way. This will play a key role for ecommerce to scale even further. A lower barrier of entry for countries with citizens with no banks to become their own bank, and trade their digital currency online for products, without the need of banks and third party companies to approve of transactions.

Enough of my crypto rants. Today I was able implement a new method of learning by listening to instructions of tutorials of CSS & HTML on YouTube as a podcast. My job involves manual labor so I cannot watch the tutorial, however knowing the basics of the two I can create visuals in my head to follow along for the principals to stick. This method will be implemented everyday at work as I learn more and more coding languages in a short amount of time.

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