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Today is December Thursday, 13th, 2018, exactly one week of starting the road to code challenge. What started as a journey inspired by a movie my girl made me watch Julie & Julia has played a bigger role in my life than expected. The Julie and Julia movie is one of the most famous blogging success stories. She blogged about cooking recipes from Julia Child. It is one of the best selling cookbooks of all time Mastering The Art Of French Cooking. She completed 524 recipes in 1 year!

By starting this journey I learned that there is a wonderful community of people already pushing each other to code daily and consistently with the #100daysofcode challenge on twitter.

I have been in the cryptocurrency space for 1 year now. In that time span, I have been learning about the technology, economics, and the influence it will play in the future. The conclusion I made is that just like the internet, cryptocurrency will undoubtedly continue to scale bigger and bigger until the day we die and I need to be a part of it. Even if you are not a crypto enthusiast like myself learning how to code will undoubtedly play a part in the future with robots, video games, AIs, internet of things, etc. 

I will be following the original rules of the #100DaysOfCode however upping the stakes. 

-Minimum of 2 hours of coding everyday for the next 100 days

-Blog, vlog, and tweet progress every day with the #100daysofcode hashtag 

The goal is to get a developer job within a year or start a start-up with new skills attained. The goal of vlogging and blogging every day will be to increase credibility and build a portfolio faster by showing improvement in communication skills and the ability to learn, unlearn, and relearn with tenacity. 

This is the first milestone of my journey to learn how to code. The first week of coding has already been an exciting journey with a new burning desire and passion to chase after. The reason my coding curiosity was sparked was through my passion for cryptocurrencies. 

A recap of events that has happened in my first week of coding. 

Day 1- I announce to the world that I will be making a life change by learning how to code through video and do daily vlogs showing my growth as a communicator and a programmer.

Day 2- I signed up for FreeCodeCamp and started to take the Responsive Web Design curriculum completing most of the HTML/HTML 5 portion. Learned about the structure of basic web pages.

Day 3- Finish HTML/HTML 5 module and CSS modules completed 2/8 of the curriculum. With CSS learned about styling a web page and that nearly all codes written were in the <style> element

Day 4- Completed the Applied Visual Design portion of the curriculum. It was more in-depth with CSS styling with things like changing hues, positioning, box shadows, and hover.

Day 5- This was the first day started to code at my part-time job overnight and completed 4 modules my most productive night yet! These modules were Applied Accessibility, Responsive Web Design Principals, CSS Flexbox, & CSS Grid. Only 1 more module to go which were all projects.   

Day 6- Started to watch Crash Course series of Computer Science. Which went in depth of the history of the computer from when computers were humans computing mathematical equations to the present day. Learned about using git and Github also completed my first project of a tribute page about Napoleon Hill. This was an exciting moment. My first ever creation being born from nothing to see the code that made it possible to come into fruition! I’m doing it creating things building! Is what I thought to myself. For the past year, I have been preparing for action but not taking any big leap of faith into an endeavor. I have been on a soul search for personal development with books such as Think And Grow Rich and The Laws Of Success. Napoleon is a thought leader that has inspired me in many ways to make me think of the impossible as possible. 

“Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe, The Mind Can Achieve.” -Napoleon Hill

Day 7- Today the last day of the first week I have completed my first survey form for a homework project. Also started my blog to document my journey into writing. 

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